Scientific Entrepreneurship

Recognising Scientific Entrepreneurship in New Zealand

Commercialisation of Research, Science and Technology (RS&T) in New Zealand and elsewhere tends to be based on models of technology transfer which are more appropriate for existing economic sectors than for new ones. Scientific entrepreneurship offers another approach to creating radical innovations and underpinning the development of new economic sectors. This seminar discussed the attributes of scientific entrepreneurs and shifts that will be required in national policies and RS&T management if they are to increase their contribution towards higher levels of innovation and productivity.  Participants event gained insight into whether they have what it takes to be a scientific entrepreneur!

Presentation (Recorded 24th June 2011, 12:30pm):

MESA Seminar – Recognizing Scientific Entrepreneurship in New Zealand

Questions from the Floor:

Questions from MESA Seminar – Recognizing Scientific Entrepreneurship in NZ

Dr. Menzies Biography:

Malcolm Menzies worked in the Ministry of Research, Science and Technology in the 1990s and for over a decade was at the interface between Victoria University and commercial clients. Malcolm’s interests in science policy, commercialization of RS&T and human capital development motivated him to complete a PhD on how the phenomenon of scientific entrepreneurship is recognised in New Zealand.

Seminar Licence

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