Workshops & Seminars

MESA Workshops & Seminars

A large part of MESA’s mission is to encourage students to expand their skills and to view their work in a wider context. With this in mind we regularly organize workshops and seminars, on a range of topics ranging from spectroscopy to business, presented by specialists for a scientific audience. We also post these workshops and seminars here on our website once they are recorded (see below)!

Details of upcoming seminars and workshops can be seen here (we also send out updates via Twitter and Facebook). If you have a suggestion for another topic that you would like to see covered get in touch with us via our Suggestion Box widget and we will endeavor to make it happen!

Previous Workshops & Seminars

If you missed one of our previous events (or would like to refresh your memory), they have been recorded and posted online:



Upcoming Seminars

Details of upcoming seminars and workshops can be seen here. You can also follow us on Twitter or Facebook, where we also periodically send our reminders about upcoming events.

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