External Listings

External Listings

Below is a listing of career opportunities listed externally, at third party websites. A good job hunt strategy is to get their newest listings delivered to you automatically, on a regular basis, though e-mail newsletters or RSS.

  • ScienceAlert Jobs: covers the whole of Australasian science, featuring a specialised scientific jobs directory
  • Education Jobs: lists new positions and scholarships available in the Australia and New Zealand education sectors
  • Bright Recruits: a jobs website from IOP Publishing for physics graduates targeting companies in various sectors
  • Jobs.ac.uk: specialist jobsite for careers in academic, research, science and related professions, UK-focused, international listings as well
  • Nature Jobs: from the journal Nature, a worldwide career resource for scientists, spanning the life, physical and applied sciences
  • Science Careers: from the journal Science, a website for matching qualified scientists with jobs in industry, academia, and government
  • TIPTOP Jobs: dynamic job list for physicists, based on a bulletin board system and affiliated with IOP Publishing
  • Monster: one of the largest general employment websites in the world, with many science-related job listings
  • Academic Jobs EU: academic jobs from around Europe. Also some international listings, including Australia and New Zealand
  • Telejob: student and postdoc positions from accross Switzerland
  • EURAXESS: European Commission Research portal job listings
  • Physicstoday: Science, engineering, and computing jobs
  • researchportal: student and postdoc positions from accross Switzerland
  • SPIRES: High-Energy Physics Employment Database
  • academictransfer: The Dutch Academic Career Network
  • AAS: American Astronomical Society Job register (mostly astrophysics listings)
  • Scholarships positions: International Scholarships and Financial Aid positions
  • Scholarshipnet: International Scholarships and Financial Aid positions

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