Business Cards

Business Cards

To card or not to card?

Getting business cards or not is a largely a personal choice in this digital age – but in case you do decide you want some to distribute to potential employers or at conferences, we at MESA have thrown some resources together to make the process as easy as possible.

MESA Template

Want something functional and simple? Our wonderful new chair, Cosmin, has put together a template that you’re free to use

(you might want to put your own details on yours)

The editable template files are below:

  • Pixelator file – here
  • Word (coming soon)
  • Inkscape file – here

Card Design

But perhaps you want something a little different, or to express your creative flair – the good news is that it’s easy to design your own cards from scratch. The web is full of tutorials for them and design suggestions, but as we at MESA love our open source software, our pick is the Inkscape business card design tutorial linked below (click on the image to access it)

Getting your cards printed

So you’ve designed all your amazing cards and now you want to get them printed – but you don’t want thousands – only a few hundred at most. The cheapest and easiest ones we could find are at Vistaprint here where you can get 100 cards for NZ$30 – of course the more cards you get, the lower the cost per card.

Image courtesy of

An alternate solution is to set up an ‘‘ – simply a webpage that acts as a free online business card to collate your web presence. It’s completely customizable, 100% free and new customers can get 50 free (*you have to pay shipping costs of <NZ$10) business cards based on your design. The cards look great and incorporate QR codes so that people are easily able to find your page. You can see examples and sign up here.

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