Dr. John Watt

Dr. John Watt

Victoria University of Wellington

Dr. Watt completed his PhD in Chemistry in 2009 with the MacDiarmid Institute and subsequently was named the 2009 MacDiarmid Young Scientist of the Year for his research in removing toxic pollutants from vehicle emissions.  John’s studies focus on using infinitesimally small nanoparticles of the precious metal palladium to remove toxic gases from a car’s exhaust system. After completing his PhD, Dr. Watt was headhunted to host the TVNZ7 series ‘Ever Wondered’ and still works as a researcher at Victoria University’s Nanoparticle and Quantum Dot Research Group.


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One thought on “Dr. John Watt

  1. To Dr John Watt-
    Regarding your talk this Thursday night 28-June ‘Does NZ Have A Future In Nanotech’, I would like to ask two questions for you to answer during your talk:
    As nano particles are very small and thus collectively provide a very large surface area for a given volume;
    1/ Could nano particles be used to store electric charge as a CAPACITOR with a far greater charge density than standard electrolytic capacitors?
    2/ Is there any possibility that electric storage cells could be developed for electric vehicles using nano technology, that would provide a substantially higher energy density of storage than Lithium cells for example?
    —-See you at the talk.
    Thanks, Barry Lett.

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