The MESA careers section serves several needs of MacDiarmid students and postdocs, complementing the services offered by existing institutions. Thus, all students and postdocs are first encouraged to visit their institution’s career services.  This can be done using the career hub at each institution, and is there for all to use.  Throughout the year there are workshops, seminars, employer meetings and much more organized by your institution, regularly taking place. If MESA members are keen to go as a group this can easily be arranged via the careers service – just contact the MESA committee and we can help to organise it.  In addition many jobs are advertised via career hub, both in New Zealand and overseas.  There are many employers out there looking for our skills and the careers hub is a great place to start your preparation and searching.

In addition the MESA careers section aims to give a helping hand.  Firstly, it offers a specialized, science-focused portal towards external career opportunities. Secondly, it is continually updated with new listings for available positions and scholarships that have been brought to the attention of the MacDiarmid Institute. Finally, it is a repository of guides and tips for job search strategies, such as how to market yourself online.  Get involved and tell us what you’d like to know.

If you’re thinking about a career in New Zealand here is an excellent document to get you started with info on what the current government is funding and what the expect from scientists.

Also, if you wan a general overview of science’s role in the NZ economy, here is a talk from Paul Callaghan about just that.

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