2011-2012 Committee

MESA Committee

The MESA committee for 2011-2012 has the following 13 members:

Cosmin Laslau (University of Auckland) – Chair

Concentrating on outreach efforts and integration between research and business opportunities, through, for example, the MacDiarmid Research Commercialization Fellowships. Responsible for communication between MESA and the parent MacDiarmid Institute. Leading the organization of MESA seminars and workshops in Auckland, including the 2012 3-day residential workshop on electrochemistry.

Moritz Banholzer (Victoria University Wellington)

Alex Barker (Victoria University Wellington)

James ‘Elf’ Eldridge (Industrial Research Limited) – Outreach Coordinator & Communications Support

Elf is an active figure in the Wellington science communication field. He represents MESA via his blog “Just So Science” at Sciblogs and is a co-host on their weekly NZ science podcast, TOSP. Elf is also responsible for the MESA outreach programme, a list of experiments and demonstrations of nanoscience that can be done by teachers and students easily and cheaply. As communications support, Elf assists in the upkeep of the MESA website and any communication with the public or industry that MESA engages in, and is responsible for the MESA Alumni Videoprofiles. Elf also assists in organising, recording and posting of MESA workshops and seminars. Elf and fellow MESA committee member, Ben Mallet, are involved with building relationships between science students and industry to facilitate jobs and are in the process of bringing the Chiasma model for this to Wellington in 2012. He’s also responsible for the large cardboard cut-out of the 2012 MESA chair that was present at the 2011 symposium. He has also been known to work with/for: Te Ropu Awhina, Kiwispace, World Space Week Association, FutureinTech, Cafe Scientifique, Carter Observatory, the Wellington Branch of the Royal Society, Techshed (a growing Wellington hackerspace) and in 2012 a global physics podcast.

Jack Grigg (University of Canterbury)

Dr. Nadia Grillet (University of Canterbury)

Responsible for organizing social and scientific events for MacDiarmid members at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch. My goal is to broaden the scientific knowledge of the researchers and to make people from different fields interact together.

Andrew Gross (University of Canterbury) – Equipment Database, Workshops & Social Events

Responsible for organising and facilitating instrument training sessions for MacDiarmid students and postdocs. My goal is to improve student access to instrumentation and expertise across the institute. A key role, as equipment coordinator, is to build and maintain an up-to-date inventory on available equipment and skills within the institute.

Anna Henning (Victoria University Wellington)

Alec La Grow (Victoria University Wellington)

Responsible for organising workshops on the use and fundamentals of techniques used day to day for material scientists. My goal is to improve the understanding and skills of PhD students in the institute and create an atmosphere where key skills are passed down efficiently to the new PhD students.

Ben Mallett (Industrial Research Limited) – Treasurer & Social Secretary

Facilitate social activities for MESA members that bring us together and are fun! As treasurer, will ensure accurate and transparent accounting of MESA’s budget and seek to manage MESA’s financial resources as efficiently as possible.

Chris Larsen (University of Otago)

Shrividya Ravi (Victoria University Wellington) – Technical Workshops

Workshops on useful open-source software for scientists like Python for data analysis, Inkscape for posters, etc. Short seminars focusing on various techniques in data analysis. e.g. Non-linear least-squares fitting, batch analyses of spectra etc. Collate recordings and notes from workshops and integrate them as open web-learning resources.

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