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The MacDiarmid Emerging Scientists Association (MESA) was formed in 2010 to expand the opportunities available to MacDiarmid Institute PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. It works to improve networking among them and establish a sense of community.

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External Listings

External Listings

Below is a listing of career opportunities listed externally, at third party websites. A good job hunt strategy is to get their newest listings delivered to you automatically, on a regular basis, though e-mail newsletters or RSS.

  • ScienceAlert Jobs: covers the whole of Australasian science, featuring a specialised scientific jobs directory
  • Education Jobs: lists new positions and scholarships available in the Australia and New Zealand education sectors
  • Bright Recruits: a jobs website from IOP Publishing for physics graduates targeting companies in various sectors
  • specialist jobsite for careers in academic, research, science and related professions, UK-focused, international listings as well
  • Nature Jobs: from the journal Nature, a worldwide career resource for scientists, spanning the life, physical and applied sciences
  • Science Careers: from the journal Science, a website for matching qualified scientists with jobs in industry, academia, and government
  • TIPTOP Jobs: dynamic job list for physicists, based on a bulletin board system and affiliated with IOP Publishing
  • Monster: one of the largest general employment websites in the world, with many science-related job listings
  • Academic Jobs EU: academic jobs from around Europe. Also some international listings, including Australia and New Zealand
  • Telejob: student and postdoc positions from accross Switzerland
  • EURAXESS: European Commission Research portal job listings
  • Physicstoday: Science, engineering, and computing jobs
  • researchportal: student and postdoc positions from accross Switzerland
  • SPIRES: High-Energy Physics Employment Database
  • academictransfer: The Dutch Academic Career Network
  • AAS: American Astronomical Society Job register (mostly astrophysics listings)
  • Scholarships positions: International Scholarships and Financial Aid positions
  • Scholarshipnet: International Scholarships and Financial Aid positions

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