What exactly does MacDiarmid research?

What exactly does MacDiarmid research?

A group of MESA students have decided to get together and practice our datamashing skills to visualize what MacDiarmid Institute researchers are interested in, by looking at keywords associated with their publications each month since it’s inception.

This is what we have discovered so far!

Summary – generated using the wonderful ‘Wordle’

A quick and dirty keyword search using Scopus and Web of Knowledge for papers with MacDiarmid Institute affiliations yields:

What does Scopus think MacDiarmid researches?

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What does Web of Knowledge think MacDiarmid researches?

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Who are the most published researchers from MacDiarmid Institute on Scopus?

(N.B. this is only from Scopus so clearly favours specific topics and journals. Also note that it is not normalised by length of time the researcher has spent at the institute – bear with us though, we’re working on both of these!)

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How connected are researchers from MacDiarmid Institute?

(N.B. We cant take credit for this one – it was done by one of the MacDiarmid Deputy Directors, Prof. Shaun Hendy, and originally published on this rather interesting blog here)

Collaboration between PIs of the MacDiarmid Institute

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