MacDiarmid Discovery Awards 2010/11

2010/2011  MacDiarmid Discovery Awards

The Discovery Awards are an annual event run by the MacDiarmid Institute where some of the top New Zealand science students are flown to Wellington to meet some of the PIs from the MacDiarmid Instiute. This year they were welcome by Te Ropu Awhina whanau and the Director of the MacDiarmid Institute, Dr Richard Blaikie and told a little about life as a scientist and as a MacDiarmid Researcher. They also had the opportunity to work in a University level physics lab with Dr Howard Lukefar, Elf and Mike where they investigated Superconductivity and Radioactivity. During the evening they also visited the Gifford Observatory for some star gazing and returned home tired and well educated.
The students will return to research centres close to their homes early in the new year to participate in a 6 week research project with one of the MacDiarmid principle investigators, where they will be given a real science problem and are expected to generate some level material from their experience. The awards hope to inspire these students to continue their studies in a science capacity, by showing them a snippet of what research can be like. This year’s group is as smart and inquisitive as ever – and we look forward to posting the results of their research in February 2011. We wish the best of luck to them and welcome our youngest MESA-ites!

Photos from the 2010/2011 MacDiarmid Discovery Awards

All images taken by Dafnis Vargas

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