MacDiarmid Research Commercialization Fellowships

Dear MacDiarmid Students and Postdocs, 

A new and exciting initiative is being planned by the MacDiarmid Institute: a business development program offering "MacDiarmid Research Commercialization Fellowships". This will be a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable entrepreneurship and commercialization experience, complementing your technical skills. To register your interest, please fill out the following form: 
Essentially, the program will involve students and postdocs in short-term projects that evaluate and develop the commercialization potential of MacDiarmid research. These fellowships will provide a unique opportunity to work at the intersection of science and business development. The fellows will work with a mentor to, for example, examine the market for a product or make a preliminary assessment of commercial potential.
The Institute will extend your scholarship or contract in proportion to the time spent as a commercialization fellow, so that neither you nor your supervisor loses out by participating in the program. There are going to be two types of fellowships, for preliminary assessments (around 10 days, spread out over a month) and for in-depth assessments (fulltime over a 3 month period).
To register initial interest from potential participants, fill out the following form: Please do fill out as many of the fields as possible. (If you have any form-related questions or technical difficulties, contact Cosmin Laslau.)
Thank you for your interest,


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