MacDiarmid Institute Poster Competition 2017

We are delighted to announce the MacDiarmid Twitter Poster Competition 2017 (#MacDiarmidPoster) will be happening on Friday September 1st (9am) to Thursday September 7th (5 pm).

The MacDiarmid Institute Twitter Poster Competition is an online event held entirely over Twitter to bring together MESA members associated with the MacDiarmid Institute to share their research with each other and the public.

How do I take part?

During the event simply tweet an image (e.g. JPEG) which will be a digital poster summarising your research along with #MacDiarmidPoster and the title of your work.

Remember, this is sharing your research to the general public so make sure you describe your research with that in mind!

For instance, if you are presenting an analytical poster you would tweet “Poster Title” #MacDiarmidPoster. Throughout the day you can then answer any questions posed to you by other people on Twitter and ask questions about other posters. Make sure you follow #MacDiarmidPoster throughout the day as the conference progresses.

You also need to send your poster and details to

When is it?

Posters tweeted with #MacDiarmidPoster and emailed to MESA between 9am September 1st and 5pm September 7th, 2017 will be eligible to win prizes. Make sure you ask and answer lots of questions to ensure your work is well understood!

What can I win?

The main aim of the event is to meet new scientists, share ideas and learn about the latest developments in different scientific areas. BUT there will be two prizes, one will be people’s choice and will be awarded to the most tweeted poster. A judge panel will select a poster which stimulates wide interest and feature exciting research. Posters prizes will be awarded for content & accessibility, design and researcher interaction with the conference.

Each of the two winners will receive an iPad Mini!

How do I register?

You are eligible if 1. You are a New Zealand PhD student and/or Postdoctoral researcher working with a MacDiarmid Institute Investigator or Investigators.

Pre-registration is not necessary; however we will need to verify who you are and where you do your research to be eligible for the prizes. We strongly recommend you do this before the event by emailing us and letting us know:

  •    Your name, address and contact details
  •    The title or topic of your poster
  •    Your twitter ID

Register for #MacDiarmidPoster

Frequently Asked Questions (will be regularly updated)


What size should my poster be?

You can choose any dimensions for your poster, the important thing is that the text and figures are clear for people to read and understand. Using Microsoft PowerPoint, we found a text size of between 12-16 were clear to read when saving an A4 slide as a JPEG and uploading to Twitter. Using an A0 template, the text needed to be between 50 and 60 to be legible. You can use any software you like to create your poster, as long as the image you upload is clear for others to read. We recommend testing your poster on Twitter before the conference to make sure you are happy with your image.


Terms and conditions:

By entering the competition the entrants agree with any terms and conditions or their changes (announced or unannounced) raised by the MacDiarmid Institute. The entrants must be directly involved in research shown and the development of the poster. The entrants must be associated or their supervisor must be associated with the MacDiarmid Institute. The entrants are responsible for any legal, copyright or other requirements associated with poster production and distribution, MacDiarmid Institute takes no legal responsibility associated with these requirements. The posters submitted to the competition will be made available for public viewing using twitter as a platform. By submitting posters and any information to the competition the entrants allow and confirm they have the rights to allow the MacDiarmid Institute full rights to the poster to distribute, publicize, and use it on the MacDiarmid Institutes own discretion with or without notifying the entrant. The MacDiarmid Institute will choose the judges and according to their evaluation of the competing posters will nominate the best entry that will be awarded a prize. If the poster is one of the 2 winning posters the person who submitted the poster will be contacted via the email provided and the arrangements for claiming the prize will be made. MESA is providing the prizes and any legal requirements associated in receiving the prize such as income declaration is taken upon the person receiving the prize. The MacDiarmid Institute has the right to change any of the rules or terms or cancel the competition without any liability or prior announcement.


Entrant- a person who submitted their research video to the competition.

Organiser- The MacDiarmid Institute.