Virtual Reality Workshop

On the 18th November MESA and the center for eResearch will hold a workshop on the applications of virtual reality technology in the field of Nanotechnology. Over the course of the workshop, attendees will build 3D mockups modely things of their nanostuff in the game engine Unity. Experts from the center for eResearch will be on hand to help and it’s easier that it sounds (promice).

We will drop these models into a VR worldspace and tweak them a bit to get them working with the HTC vive. We’ll then (if there’s time) grab a photo of everyone and load it in next to your model so we can have a wee interactive virtual museum-style tour of all the cool shit we do.

We’ll also have opportunities to play around with some of the mean demos available on the Vive. Trust me, they’re seriously cool.

What you’ll get out:

  • See what VR can do in nanotech.

  • Make a great/10 model of your cool research.

  • Learn how to use Unity.

  • Play around with a VIve and check out some mean games.

  • Help build a VR tour of our collective ‘cool shit and the cool people that work on it.”

Hope to see you there 🙂

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