Python Workshop Recap

The data pipelines were flowing by the end of our python workshop on how to effectively automate data handling! Thanks to all those who made it such a successful event. I look forward to seeing the participants lounging in their offices while their computers do all of their work for them!

Remember, if you want to get involved with coding and automating your workflow we at MESA are keen to help. drop us a line.

Thanks again

Workshop Organiser

More Resources

For those who couldn’t make it, or if you want to look in to a bit of DIY education, here are a couple of good links:

A look at the Code Carpentry Python lesson that we went through as the intro into python section of our workshop could be great as a refresher, or to get started with python. The Software Carpentry framework is extensive, so if you want to check out their other lessons they are here.

For a more interactive and totally web based (which means no installation hassle!) learning, check out Codecademy.

Codecademy has Python, Shell and Git lessons as well as a bunch of web coding instructions. It is what I used to get started years ago and I highly recommend it (did I mention its free?). (Software Carpentry)[] is aimed specifically at digital tools for researchers, and although I have only come across it recently, I am a big fan.