MESA Travel grants 2015

2015grantsMESA is privileged to be able to offer MacDiarmid PhD candidates and Post docs the opportunity to apply for collaborations and connections travel awards. These awards are offered to encourage and help emerging scientists gain connections outside of their research centres.

What is available:
We are offering two international awards of up to $1100 to go towards travel/accommodation and two domestic awards of up to $400 to go towards travel/accommodation.

How to Apply:
Applicants should submit a letter to the MESA Committee by the due date, detailing:
• The purpose and dates of the travel
• How much funding is required
• What financial support from other sources have been obtained or applied for *
• How this travel will benefit the applicant’s studies
• A CV should also be enclosed, following the royal society format

The awards will be offered with priority towards new collaborations, then conferences and finally existing collaborations. If the applicant is applying for collaboration a letter of support from the institute being visited is required. If the applicant is applying for a conference the applicant should provide a copy of their abstract and evidence of acceptance. **

* If the travel is dependent on other sources of funding, this award is conditional upon those sources of funding being obtained.

** If evidence is not yet available when the application is submitted, it should be forwarded to MESA once obtained.


The final date for applications will be the 14th December 2015 (next Monday!!)

Please send applications to: