Print Your Experiment – MESA 3D Printing Workshop

3D Printing Workshop

MESA’s 3D Printing workshop will be held next Thursday (29th May) in conjunction with Masters students from VUW School of Design.

The goal of the workshop is to expose Science to Design and Design to Science. Here we will get to see the whole process of 3D printing,from start to finish while working with the School of Design’s talented students.
In the morning, Masters students will come to SCPS to discuss your experimental issues, convey your design ideas and hopefully sketch up a quick solution. In the afternoon, we will head down to the School of Design where the Masters students will draw up the sketches using 3D drawing software.
Ideally attendees will have a (not too complex!) experimental (or theoretical, if you are that way inclined) problem they need solved that could be achievable through 3D printing.
The workshop will start at 10.30am at SCPS (room TBC) and finish around 4pm at the Te Aro campus.
The following week attendees will return to the School of Design to see how their projects turned out and meet up with Masters students for a debrief over refreshments.
Places are limited so for more info or to register please RSVP to ASAP.
Printing our way to the future,
The MESA Committee.

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