MacDiarmid Institute Science Commercialisation Workshop

mesaworkshopTuesday 3rd June

9:30 – 3:30 pm

Venue: Victoria University of Wellington AM 411

The MacDiarmid Institute unarguably comprises of the nation’s shinning lights in nanotechnology and advanced materials. We increasingly see cross discipline teams, within the MacDiarmid Institute, being established to draw together complementary expertise which when combined opens up opportunities which would remain untapped without such collaboration. As science experts we readily seek out collaborations to advance science whilst satisfying our thirst to understand the world around us on the macro and micro scales. The MacDiarmid Institute is committed to passing on the significant scientific knowledge and expertise through delivery of exemplar PhD training which includes workshops and boot camps in science commercialisation.

When students select their PhD they tend to identify an area of interest without considering where their research fits in a real world application. Supervisors are the first point of call to develop scientific skills and knowledge. However, supervisors have varying levels of commercialisation experience and may not be the most ideal person to provide commercialisation training due to lack of experience.  Those supervisors who have commercialisation experience simply do not always have time to develop commercial opportunities in addition to their traditional PI or AI responsibilities. The focus of the workshop is to work with PhD students and post docs so they identify the commercial applications of their research in the long and short term and to use the MacDiarmid Institute Commercialisation programme as part of their training.

Who should attend? This workshop would suit PhD students and Post Docs with little or no commercialisation experience but all are welcome. Please RSVP by 27th May and note any special dietary requirements.
This workshop is also planned for Auckland 10th June and Canterbury 17th June, details to follow.

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