Data analysis and plotting with free and open source tools

MESA is pleased to present a very topical seminar on ‘Data analysis and plotting with free and open source tools’. Unlike many previous seminars, this talk will not be recorded but all the slides and handouts will be posted online.


Spreadsheet-based data analysis and graphics software such as Origin
or Excel have a number of intrinsic limitations, and are not always
suited to the needs of scientific research.

This talk will present three popular open source alternatives that we
hope will encourage you to rethink how you create graphs and analyse
data. With specific, worked examples using gnuplot, Python and R, we
will discuss the strengths and advantages of a scripting (text-based)
approach to data analysis and plotting in particular.

This approach can help you in all aspects of the data analysis, from
routine exploratory graphics with many data files, to the fine
aesthetic requirements of publications, as well as achieving
consistency and reproducibility in the presentation of your thesis.

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