MESA Economics Seminar

MESA is pleased to announce the sixth seminar of our Economics Seminar Series on ‘Digital workshops of the world’ by Dr. Leon Gurevitch

The global transition from analogue to digital media has received a great deal of scholarly attention over the past decade. In New  Zealand, this brought industrial change and attention for the economic stimulus and brand value it has brought the country. So far,  there has been little consideration of the globally mobile workforce this has spawned. Studies to date have ranged from a focus on the promotional effects of ‘The Frodo Franchise’ to effects of the shift from an agricultural to a technology-based economy in wool to Weta. This research considers the implications of digital image production, skills migration and employment networks for New Zealand’s cultural economy.

The talk will be held in LB118 at Victoria University but will be recorded by the committee and published online within a week.

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