Research projects with commercial potential

Many of you will have heard that the Institute has created a new scheme to
support research projects with commercial potential. One of the aims of
the scheme is to give research students and postdocs the chance to get
some commercial experience, which we hope will give you insight into the
commercial world, and also look good on your CVs when you apply for jobs.
MESA has already circulated a URL that allows you to sign up for this.

We are now looking for projects with commercial potential to support. We
want to hear about as many projects as possible, but, to avoid
duplication, please do touch base with your supervisor before submiting
projects by completing the attached form (MacDiarmid Research Commercialization expression of interestt).

This program is not only to support new projects. We are very keen to
support existing projects, and we are very happy to look at providing
multiple people to assist in any one project. For example, it is likely
that some projects would really benefit from one person investigating the
IP landscape and another investigating the market for a technology.Please
do look at the attached form and at least have a go at giving us this
basic information as quickly as you can manage. You are welcome to send in
information on several projects, or to list several “key questions” if you

Best wishes
Simon Brown

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