Entrepreneurial Failure

Entrepreneurial Failure

According to a recent issue of Nature (477, pg 133), scientists are well poised to become entrepreneurs not – as you might think – because of their critical faculties, but rather due to their experience with failure. MESA has invited Dave Ten Have, the CEO of Ponoko, to give a seminar on the challenges involed with confronting failure in an entrepreneurial context and to explain how failing, and learning to fail is crucial for ultimate sucess in both science and business.

Presentation (Recorded 30th Sept 2011, 1:00pm):

Entrepreneurial Failure Seminar from MESA on Vimeo.


Dave ten Have’s Biography:

Dave was co-founder and CTO of New Zealand’s #1 design-led Microsoft web development firm, Provoke. He built a team which created a multi-million dollar valuation while servicing customers like the New Zealand Fire Service, The National Bank of New Zealand and the Department of  Internal Affairs. Prior to that Dave was a senior developer at Advantage Group, the largest publicly traded e-business company in New Zealand, and more recently was co-founder of Celsias, a web 2.0 solution to the climate change crisis. Today Dave leads Ponoko: the ‘world’s easiest making system’.

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