Economics Seminar III

Economics Seminar III:

Economic growth and sustainability

This talk will present basic definitions of sustainability, discuss how they relate to measured economic growth and then discuss how economists think about enhancing sustainability through policies such as water quality trading, individual transferable quota for fisheries and emissions trading. This talk will draw on a lecture I gave to upper level undergrads (econ and earth sciences) at Stanford for the first part and then some stories about some NZ policies.

Recorded 22nd August 2011

The talk and slides can be viewed here (link currently inactive – check back in a day or two!). At the moment, this link is only available to Windows users since it requires ActiveX. Also note that it needs to be opened in Internet Explorer as Mozilla Firefox doesn’t have ActiveX support by default. Intel mac (OS version 10.4.8 and above) users can check out the instructions here. Mac users will need to download Microsoft Silverlight for Safari.


Dr. Suzi Kerr, Senior Fellow at Motu



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