3. The first interactive Python session

The first interactive Python session

So you have downloaded and installed Python. Wonderful! What next? You have a couple of different options. Either you plunge straight into looking at data, plotting and analysing it or, you can get into understanding the Python language. I opted for the first but this was just due to my situation at the time. If you choose option #1, stay here. If you choose option # 2, go here or here. Alternatively, go here for an exhaustive list of different types of Python language tutorials.

The way I have decided to show option #1ers the interactive python session is via a short screencast (at the end of this post). It is expected that you know of the existence of the ‘Terminal’ and simple BASH commands. If you don’t, here is a very beautiful yet brief set of screencasts on using BASH.

This python screencast follows a simple sequence: opening the terminal –> importing numpy –> using numpy to load a txt file. The special python commands used in the screencast are: import, whos, numpy.loadtxt, print, len and ?. Google them and go through the basic usage of these commands.  This is as much self-learning as a guided process.


Post contributed by Shrividya Ravi, VUW

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