7. More science examples using Python

More science examples using Python

Here are a few examples from various bits and pieces of analysis from my PhD work. The plots can be clicked for an enlarged view. Enjoy!

Fig. 1: Plots showing the effect of unweighted and weighed smoothing of a simple Gaussian with different nearest-neighbour window sizes.

Fig. 2: Linear combination of 4 Gaussians: zeroth and second derivative plots.

Fig. 3: Beam profile of 633 nm laser using a 100x objective.

Fig. 4: Raman spectrum with and without a  manual, linear background correction.

Fig. 5: Real temperature-dependent conduction data plotted on a semi-log scale.

Fig. 6: Arrhenius plot of Fig. 5 superimposed with linear fits. 

Fig. 7: A fitting script that iteratively fits a given Raman spectrum (from a file with M different spectra) with N peaks and then plots the spectrum and the fitted data on a waterfall plot. The legend is also set to automatically recognize the dataset number and number of fitted peaks.

Fig. 8: Raman spectrum fitted to a linear combination of a Fano (295 cm-1) and Lorentzian (345 cm-1) peaks.

Post contributed by Shrividya Ravi, VUW

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