Fabrication Equipment

Fabrication Equipment

Nanofabrication Lab at the University of Canterbury

The Nanofabrication Lab at the University of Canterbury is one of the busiest facilities in the MacDiarmid Institute. The lab has a suite of equipment for semiconductor device fabrication, materials growth and characterisation, nanopatterning, and sensor and device development. The lab includes tools such as a Mask Aligner and Mask Writer, Ultraviolet-Nano Imprint Lithography system, Electron Beam Lithography and SEM imaging, Atomic Force Microscope, Surface Profilometer, Reactive Ion Etching, Plasma Asher, Interference Lithography Apparatus, and Optical and Fluorescence Microscopy. For semiconductor device fabrication the lab also houses a HP 4155A Parameter Analyser, Probe Station and Wire Bonder, Sputterer (RF, DC, EB) and a Thermal Evaporator.

Please contact Assoc. Prof. Maan Alkaisi for more information.

Device Fabrication Lab at Victoria University

The Device Fabrication Lab is part of the MacDiarmid Institute’s shared facilities and contains a range of equipment for materials processing and nanofabrication e.g. for sensor and device applications. Among the facilities available we can cite: Karl Suss Mask Aligner, Sputterer (RF – so capable of sputtering dielectrics), Evaporator, Reactive Ion Etching (fluorinated gases, SF6, CF4), Dektak, Spin Coaters, Plasma Asher (small substrates, O2 and Ar plasma), Parameter Analyser 4156C and Probe Station (4-probes, capable of sub nA measurements), Wire Bonder and Optical Microscope.

Please contact Natalie Plank for more information.

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