MacDiarmid Discovery Awards

Thursday 2nd and Friday the 3rd December marked the MacDiarmid Institute Discovery Awards. These awards are given to the top Maori and Pacific students in science from Years 12 and 13 across New Zealand. The winners are flown to Victoria University in Wellington for an intensive stint of investigating Radioactivity and Superconductivity in a university level science lab, supervised by MacDiarmid’s own Dr Howard Lukefar.

Discovery Demonstrations
Discovery Award Students demonstrate what they learnt! Image by Dafnis Vargas

This year, the Discovery Awards also coincided with the Victoria University School of Chemical and Physical Sciences celebration of “100 years of Physics” and the Discovery students were given the opportunity to demonstrate some of the new science they had learned at this event. An opportunity which they took on whole heartedly!

The students will return to MacDiarmid research centres around New Zealand in the new year to undertake a 6 week research project where they will be partnered with a MacDiarmid PI and will get to work as part of a science research team, and we will keep you updated on the progress of these young MESA members!

MacDiarmid Discovery Awards
MacDiarmid Discovery Award Recipients 2010. Image by Dafnis Vargas

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